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Winners of the 38th Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition Announced

The 38th of the Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition, which has brought together more than 9,000 artists and their works from all over the world, has been concluded.

First Prize - Engin SELÇUK - Türkiye

Turkish artist Engin Selçuk's work was deemed worthy of the first prize in the competition renowned as the “Oscar of Cartoons”. While Iranian artist Mahmood Nazari was awarded the second prize and Italian artist Marco De Angelis was awarded the third prize, the 'Empowered Girls, Empowered Futures' Award was given to Fethi Gürcan Mermertaş from Türkiye.

Second Prize - Mahmood NAZARI - Iran

Third Prize - Marco De ANGELIS - Italy

Empowered Girls Empowered Futures Special Award - Fethi Gürcan MERMERTAŞ - Türkiye

A jury composed of cartoon masters

This year, 564 cartoonists from 63 countries participated in the competition, which brings together artists from all over the world who bring different ideas and beliefs into cartoons and allows them to express their art, with a total of 1,531 works.

The international jury composed of world-renowned cartoonists and artists including Ercan Akyol (Türkiye), Fawzy Morsy (Egypt), Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu (Türkiye), Liza Donnelly (USA), Marlene Pohle (Argentina), Piyale Madra (Türkiye), Pol Leurs (Luxembourg) and Tan Oral (Türkiye) under the chairmanship of Antonio Antunes (Portugal) evaluated 93 works of 76 cartoonists from 30 countries that passed the pre-selection stage.

Success Award to 3 artists

The Selection Committee also deemed Nikola Listes from Croatia, Halit Kurtulmuş Aytoslu and Şevket Yalaz from Türkiye worthy of the Success Award.

Success Award - Halit Kurtulmuş AYTOSLU - Türkiye

Success Award - Nikola LISTES - Rep. Of. Croatia

Success Award - Şevket YALAZ - Türkiye