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Cultural and Sports Activities

We believe in the importance of cultural and sports activities in education and support our students in all areas.

Cultural Activities:

As a foundation, we always encourage students in our schools to participate in cultural activities.

We build halls and art galleries in suitable schools where they can showcase their creativity without limit. We also support them to participate in events such as plays, concerts, and exhibitions to nurture this creativity.

Sports Activities:

We know that one of the biggest inputs of a qualified education is sports-related activities.

To support the sports activities of the students, we build indoor or outdoor sports areas as much as possible for various educational institutions.

We stand by educational institutions to carry out sports club activities created especially by girls and for girls.

Social Activities:

As a foundation that believes in the holistic educational approach, we believe in activities that will benefit the development of students in all aspects of personal and cultural life.

We support all social responsibility projects carried out by students in schools and dormitories we have built as a foundation; all trips, competitions organized by schools and all project activities that will contribute to education and the cultural development of our students.

In addition, social club activities carried out by our educational institutions, and participation of these clubs in competitions are among the areas we fully support.

Library Activities:

We believe that reading is the basis of learning and provides significant benefits to the intellectual development of students, and we give great importance to donating books to educational institutions.

We have provided book support for the establishment of libraries in many educational institutions, especially in the schools and dormitories we have built, and we continue to do so.