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Creative Workshops

With Design and Skills Training Workshops, we bring together talent with practice.

Experts emphasize that in the future, building and evolving skills will be as important as knowledge.

As a foundation, we support the work done in this field in order to teach our children problem solving, critical thinking, productivity, teamwork, and multiple literacy skills required by the new age.

We took the first step in the “Design and Skills Training Workshops” campaign initiated by the Ministry of Education; by giving donations support for the construction of workshops for 20 schools, and ensuring that our schools and dormitories are selected as the preferred locations for these workshop studios.

Talent Transforms into High-Level Skill when Supported by Practice

“Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering Workshops”, “Software and Design Workshops”, “Drama Workshops, Visual Arts Workshops” and “Music Workshops” established with this campaign help students to get to know themselves, possible professions, and their environment.

Activities designed for a common purpose at elementary, secondary, and high school levels and associated with professions; focus on science, arts, sports, culture, and life skills.

With the support of our foundation, Design and Skill Trainings Workshops, where talent is reinforced with practice; we shape the future of our children by supporting 21st century skills with practice.