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Empowered Girls Empowered Sports

The Story of Our Foundation's Support of Girls Football Team in Malatya

It is one of our biggest dreams that girls are empowered through sports and take part in society as self-confident individuals. As a foundation, we give all kinds of support to girls so that they can be successful in every field of sports they choose.

Among all sports, football has the highest potential to transform stereotypes about gender. That is why we are particularly interested in this field of sports and we are proud to stand by Malatya Girls Football Club, which is the hope of all girls devoted to football in Malatya.

Girls' Participation in Sports Activities Should Be Encouraged

The story of our foundation’s visibility on the uniforms of the Malatya Girls Football Team began with their guest appearance at the International Day of the Girl Child Conference held on October 8, 2015; for the first time.

Despite all financial impossibility, girls did not give up the fight, and with the support of our foundation, finished the 7th Group of the TFF Women's 3rd League in 2018 in third place and came in second place in the young girls in football category in Malatya.

As a foundation that believes in equal opportunities in every field, we will continue to be the financial and moral supporters of this magnificent team, which embraces its passion for football despite the obstacles it faces.