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Training of Dormitory Administrators and Teachers

The girls of this country are even stronger with educators who believe in what they can achieve and are always by their side.

Girls who spend most of their time outside of school in their dormitories need to have a comfortable and supportive environment.

The individual development and motivation of managers and teachers, who play a key role in the development of girls, are also very important.

Therefore, as a foundation, we support all administrators and teachers working in the dormitories to continue their personal and professional development.

We need leaders who believe girls can do anything they set their minds to

As part of this project, since 2016, we have been inviting the directors of 33 girls dormitories and their affiliated schools, vice-principals responsible for dormitories, teachers, and guidance counselors working in dormitories, to Istanbul.

During our one-week program, we provide training requested by teachers such as communication with girls, personal development training, hostel management, role model training.

The program, where we host approximately 100 educators every year, is carried out within the scope of the protocol we signed with the General Directorate of Human Resources of the Ministry of Education. All content of the training is provided by university lecturers and experts of the relevant subject.