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Success Takes Me to Istanbul

Students from female student dormitories come to Istanbul every year both for touristic travel and for education.

Motivation is necessary for fighting for what you want, and for motivation, you need to dream.

We have been showing the biggest goals since 2009 and inviting our female students to Istanbul.

Within the scope of the "Success Takes Me to Istanbul" Project, we host 36 successful female students from 12 Daddy Please Send Me to School dormitories and their teachers in Istanbul every year.

Most of the Girls Get the Opportunity to Travel to Another City for the First Time with This Program

Our young guests from all corners of Turkey come to our city, to get a full experience of fun and learning.

While visiting the historical areas of Istanbul on one hand, they also learn about the college departments they have dreamed of with our college visits. They also get the chance to meet and talk to successful women who can become role models for them.

At the end of the program, we reward our successful female students with various gifts such as computers and book sets.

The main purpose of this project is to motivate the girls. The feedback we receive from our girls shows how successful we are on this and allows us to embrace what we do as a foundation even more so.

Seeing girls set new goals for themselves when leaving Istanbul is the biggest gift we can get.