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Life in Dormitory Support Fund

Knowing that comfortable and supportive housing plays an important role in education, we place great importance on dormitories.

Within the scope of the "Daddy Please Send Me to School" campaign carried out by the Doğan Group and Contemporary Life Support Foundation, we built many dormitories and donated them to the Ministry of Education.

Our girls staying in these dormitories spend almost all their time between the school and the dormitory. We are aware of the fact that physical facilities offered to girls in these two areas improve their educational experiences enough to make a real difference.

Now, we aim to increase the quality of life of our students in these dormitories, which they see as their homes, with new opportunities.

We listen to their needs personally. As a foundation, we want them to contribute to their academic success and continue their personal development with the opportunities we will create.

We Continue to be with Our Dormitories for Their Every Need

We established the “Dormitory Life Support Fund for Empowered Girls” to improve the living conditions of our girls in the dormitories.

So how is this fund used? Students and dormitory officials can apply to this fund by revealing the needs and solutions required in their dormitories with a project they jointly prepare.

So far, 18 beautiful projects have been implemented; including sports and hobby rooms, cultural and sports activities and trips, volunteering, and forming a choir.