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Young Leaders Summer Camp

The female role models of the future and confident leader candidates go to a summer camp every year to build a strong future.

It is an undeniable fact that the number of women in leadership and managerial positions is very low, although they contribute more and more to the workforce today.

As a foundation, we believe that this is a very serious problem on a national and global scale.

Therefore, in 2017, we launched the "Young Leaders Summer Camp" Project, which consists of educational programs and practices that can give our female students leadership qualities.

Get Ready to Meet the Women Leaders of the Future

With this project, we aim to build female role models for future generations.

During the six-day camp, our guests start the day with yoga and then have the opportunity to participate in different artistic and sports activities.

Later that day, they discover their strengths and weaknesses, attend problem-solving techniques training under "Leadership", discuss gender equality issues in Turkey as "Project Development" and attend "Personal Development" workshops designed to create the space needed by the youth.

This Project Has Two Critical Outputs For Us

The first is the improvement in the test scores of our students taken before the camp and then, at the end of the camp.

In the tests, there is a significant increase in the scores of our students in subjects such as "Leaders and Their Characteristics", "Sustainability", "Project Design Process", and this proves once again how effective the camp is for our students.

Another important output is the projects developed by our students to create social benefits at the end of the camp. “You Can Do It Too!”, “Butterfly Effect”, “Be Aware”, “Big Dreams, Powerful Leaders” and “Discover Yourself” are the best examples we can give for these projects.

With the Young Leaders Summer Camp, the first of which we organized in the summer of 2017, we reached 92 female students in three years, and we look forward to reaching more college girls every year.