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Student Projects

Young women who have succeeded and girls who dream of success; come together in our projects.

We are getting stronger as a society with every young woman who develops themselves in every field and leads the society.

This motivation is at the center of our projects.

"You Can Do It Too" Project

As part of this project, college girls attending the Young Leaders Summer Camp become role models for girls who are younger than them and stay in dormitories together to share the learnings they have from their training at the camp.

We have been able to reach 350 young women by including Şiran Aydın Doğan Girls Dormitory, Midyat Nene Hatun Vocational and Technical High School Girls Dormitory in Mardin Midyat in 2018; Konya Ereğli Daddy Please Send Me to School Girls Dormitory and Denizli Tavas Contemporary Life Abdullah Egemen Girls Dormitory in 2019.

The great feedback we have received in the first two years of the ongoing project, and we will continue to receive, motivates us to reach more girls at every opportunity.

“Be Aware” Project

After the 2018 Young Leaders Summer Camp, our university students went to two different schools in March and April with the "Be Aware" project and talked to secondary school children about the importance of making the right career choices.

Our young students learned that professions are independent of the concept of gender; from our young women leaders who have achieved this and have overcome every obstacle by self-confidence and determination.

Approximately 600 students were reached in the work carried out within the scope of the "Be Aware" project. The project work continues to reach the young people of the future through social media announcements and online training, as well as school visits.

"Butterfly Effect" Project

This project is one of the most beautiful outcomes of the 2018 Young Leaders Summer Camp.

The project aims to increase the motivation of high school-age young girls staying in the Houses of Love (orphanages) affiliated with the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services; to attend universities and continue their education.

As part of the project, university students visited Houses of Love, organized various activities, and showed high school students their possible bright futures.

"Big Dreams, Strong Leaders" Project

Within the scope of this project, which is one of the outcomes of the Young Leaders Summer Camp in 2019; the university students we gave scholarships met with the students of Bahçelievler Aydın Doğan Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School.

Various presentations, events, and workshops were held on the topic of leadership to contribute to the development of high school students.

"Discover Yourself" Project

Within the scope of this project, which is another outcome of the 2019 Young Leaders Summer Camp, students staying in Erzurum Nene Hatun High School Aydın Doğan Dormitory for Girls will be reached.

Studies will be carried out to introduce different professions and to bring together female role models and high school students from these professions.

"Two Degrees" Project

“Two Degrees” is one of the voluntary projects created within the scope of youth participation activities of the October 11th, 2020, International Day of the Girl Child Conference.

The project team set out with the aim of contributing to achieving the goal of not increasing the world average temperature by more than two degrees, determined at the Paris Agreement signed as a part of the Framework Convention on Climate Change in 2015, and to raise awareness on this issue.

The team uses social media tools to increase individual awareness and conducts informative and awareness-raising activities about the cause, consequence, and solutions of the climate problem.