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Scholarships and Mentorship Program

We work very hard to ensure that the young women of this country have equal opportunities like everybody else.

Financial difficulties are among the top reasons for inequality in educational opportunity.

As a foundation that has adopted education as a mission, we provide scholarship support to college girls in need.

The scholarships we have provided since the 2015-2016 academic year and the necessary conditions are as follows:

High Honors Scholarship: Received by female students studying at the Faculty of Engineering, Medicine, and Law, who are successful and need financial support and who are in the first 15,000th of the university placement exam.

Education Scholarship: Received by female students in need who have stayed in dormitories built under the "Dad Please Send Me to School" campaign during their secondary education and who have successfully settled in undergraduate departments of state universities after successful university entrance exams.

Mentorship for Students

As the foundation, we care deeply about introducing our female students to mentors that they can view as role models.

In addition to scholarships, we also provide mentoring support to our female students who continue their education. Thanks to their mentors, they receive information about opportunities in the business and education life and renew their self-confidence with the social connections they build.

Doğan Group executives also voluntarily support the program in which we aim to ensure that our female students become open-minded and successful adults who can stand on their own in the future.