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Aydın Doğan
Cartoon Competition

We reward the most creative cartoon of the year in this competition, where hundreds of respected cartoonists from dozens of countries participate.

In today’s world, tolerance and common sense are more important than ever. And what reflects this best is a caricature, a cartoon.

For this very reason, we have been bringing together cartoonists who have been putting different thoughts and beliefs on paper from all over the world since 1983 and enabling them to express their art.

Our Competition is Known as the ”Cartoon Oscars” in the World

The participation of more than 8,800 artists from 137 countries to date reveals the place and importance of the award in the international art community.

In 2019, the categories of the Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition were expanded with new awards, and for the first time, awards were given in the field of "National Comic Book" and "National Children's Book Illustration". We aim to support current productions and works in these areas and to create opportunities for the development of these fields.

The “Selection Committee” of our competition consists of both new and established artists in the world of culture and art, and the world's most important cartoon masters.

We Support Future Cartoonists Starting Today

We bring together jury members and students from different countries within the scope of the Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition to create a young generation interested in the art of cartoons and contribute to the training of future talents.

We invite them to workshops throughout the year where they can evaluate their work together with the jury and have the opportunity to draw.

At the same time, we organize a cartoon competition among children in cooperation with the Creative Children Association, and we prepare an album that includes the works of young artists who are ranked every year.