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Classical Western Music: "Ankara State Conservatory"

The 6th Aydın Doğan Award, which is given every year to reward individuals and institutions that have won praise in national and international platforms in various fields such as culture, art, literature, science, is given to Ankara State Conservatory in the field of ”Classical Western Music”, in the year 2002.


The 2002 Selection Committee consisting of Prof. Filiz Ali, Remzi Buharalı, Rengim Gökmen, Doğan Hızlan, Prof. Ersin Onay, Prof. İlhan Usmanbaş; has selected Ankara State Conservatory as the recipient of the year’s award, due to achieving the most rooted works in the spread and adoption of western music and performing arts in our country, maintaining its works with an increasing momentum since its establishment in 1936, forming the basis for being a partner of the international art world in these fields under equal rights and conditions, and the work it has done since the foundation of the Republic of Turkey, in modern arts and culture.