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Nuri M, Çolakoğlu completed his high school education at Robert College and his undergraduate education at Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of International Relations. Since 1969, he has held various roles such as Editor and Vice President at TRT Foreign News, German news agency DPA, Swedish Television STC CE German radio WDR Ankara representative, Aydınlık Newspaper Ankara Bureau Chief, filmmaker and presenter at BBC World Service's Turkey Department, Milliyet Newspaper London Bureau Chief and then news manager. Çolakoğlu, who took part in the establishment and commissioning of many private television channels, has held the roles of Show TV Program Director and General Manager, Concept Developer of the encrypted television channel CINE 5, Chief Executive Officer of NTV, Concept Developer of the economic news channel CNBC-e and Chief Executive Officer of CNN Türk. He worked in the establishment of Kanal D Romania (Channel D Romania), and following that he has served as the Printed Media and Television Coordinator at Doğan Publishing and General Manager of ANS Productions, and afterward; as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of his own company NMC TV and Advertisement INC. As a part of this role, he has been acting as a consultant for some projects, he makes documentaries, writes corporate and company histories and businessmen's biographies.