'Aydın Doğan Student Center and Conference Hall' Opened at the Erzincan High School

Created 26 October 2017

Aydın Doğan Student Center and Conference Hall at Erzincan High School, where Aydın Doğan, the founder and honorary chairman of the Aydın Doğan Foundation, had graduated from, who has undertaken the construction in order to meet various needs of the school, has been opened for students with an opening ceremony. Orhan Erdem, Deputy Minister of National Education, and Ali Arslantaş, Erzincan Governor , as well as Hanzade Doğan Boyner, the Chairwoman of the Aydın Doğan Foundation, and members of the Board of Directors of the Aydın Doğan Foundation attended the opening ceremony.

The Aydın Doğan Foundation, which has continued all its activities with a focus on education since its inception, has made yet another addition to its activities in this field. The Aydın Doğan Student Center and Conference Hall, the foundation laying ceremony of which was held in the previous months, to meet various requirements of the Erzincan High School, where Aydın Doğan, the founder and the Honorary Chairman of the Foundation has also graduated from, has been opened.

The following individuals attended the opening ceremony: Orhan Erdem, Deputy Minister of National Education; Erzincan Governor Ali Arslantaş, Erzincan Mayor Cemalettin Başsoy, 3rd Army Chief of Staff Major General and Garrison Commander Mehmet Özoğlu, Chief Public Prosecutor Mehmet Akif Aktaş, Head of the Justice Committee Fatih Serdar Köken, Rector of the Erzincan University Prof. İlyas Çapoğlu, Deputy Governor Dede Musa Baştürk, Deputy Rector of Gümüşhane University Prof. Bahri Bayram, Provincial Security Director Bülent Şensoy, Provincial National Education Director Aziz Gün and Bar Association President Adem Aktürk and the students of the school. As for Doğan Holding, Ms Hanzade Doğan Boyner, the Chairwoman of the Aydın Doğan Foundation; Rıfat Ababay, the Editor in Chief of the Posta Newspaper; Aydın Doğan Foundation Board Members Volkan Vural, Sedat Ergin, Ertuğrul Özkök, Erol Çamur, Candan Fetvacı, Doğan TV Ankara Representative Hakan Çelik, Posta Newspaper writer Candaş Tolga Işık, Hurriyet Newspaper writer Melis Alphan, Hürriyet Education’s editor Nuran Çakmakçı were the attendees.

Emphasizing that Erzincan High School has a very important place in the family history, Hanzade Doğan Boyner, the Chairwoman of the Aydın Doğan Foundation underlined that the high school, which has close to 15,000 graduates, has produced many academicians, members of the parliament, artists, press members, and businessmen. Boyner also told about how happy she was for hearing from Tuba Nur Bulut, an 11th grade student who delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, and thanked Aydın Doğan and the Foundation, that the conference hall would significantly contribute to the education and the vision of the students. Boyner said the following: "I believe that the student center will meet an important need for the youngsters studying at this high school. We have over 10 schools, and dormitories in this area. This area is very important for us. My father Aydın Doğan is very happy for having given this building to you. Dear Tuba talked out the most precious gift that can be given to him I said, 'What a wonderful thing we did' as I was listening to Tuba."

Boyner continued: “In the course of our efforts, we are focusing on education, and particularly on the education of girls. With the strength we derive from our state and with the contributions of our business partners, the 'Daddy Send Me to School' project we have been carrying out as the Doğan Group has turned into an education campaign. However, we have endless needs when it comes to education. With this in mind, we, as a foundation, are now increasing our scholarships for education, and in particular we are providing college scholarships to facilitate the education of our girl children in the areas of engineering and law. I believe that the Aydın Doğan Conference Hall and Student Center, which we have opened today, will contribute to a more comprehensive and highly qualified education."

Orhan Erdem, Deputy Minister of National Education, also underlined that since 2002, there were very noteworthy developments in education in Turkey, and he thanked the Aydın Doğan Foundation for its contributions. Erdem said: “Holy Hadimi says 'You need to have your heritage in this world, without that one but all disappears'. A person’s heritage in this world are examples of loyalty. Aydın Doğan has studied in this school, and he does not forget. He has founded a very important foundation. He carries out these education related activities in several areas, especially in places where he has lived. In the memory of the years that he had studied at the Erzincan High School, he will set an example for today's young people, and I hope that those students will offer such great services for their countries in the future, with such examples of loyalty."

After the speeches, the ribbon cutting ceremony was held, and the Student Center and Conference Hall was opened. Following the concert by the school chorus, the Historical Museum of Provincial Education inside the school was opened.

The conference hall will contribute to the cultural and social development of the students

The Aydın Doğan Student Center and Conference Hall, designed by CKMY Architecture and built by Teos Construction Company, was donated to the Ministry of National Education by the Aydın Doğan Foundation. The foundation aims to contribute to enhancing social and cultural activities within the school, and to the students’ socializing in an effective environment. Thanks to the conference hall, to be used for social activities such as drama, cinema, concerts, shows, the aim is to ensure that students grow up as diverse individuals.

The hall, which has a capacity of 350 people, was built as per the rules of modern architecture, and is completely clad with natural materials. The hall has an indoor area of 300 m2, and a semi indoor area of 500 m2, and the indoor cafeteria on the garden side as well as the indoor area on the street side are reserved for a multipurpose hall. The garden façade of the cafeteria designed as fully retractable can be used as a social space where indoors and outdoors intermingle, when needed, and to the extent permitted by the weather conditions.

Erzincan High School, founded in 1905 and continuing to offer education in the status of an Anatolian High School in 2010, has among its graduates professors and academicians who work in universities all over Turkey, governors, members of the parliament, mayors, poets, writers, painters, researchers, journalists and businessmen. and being one of the historical high schools in Turkey, the school has had over 15 thousand graduates up until the present. Among the graduates of the high school is also Aydın Doğan, the Founder and the Honorary Chairman of Aydın Doğan Foundation. The school, with degrees such as the first place in Turkey in School Quiz Competitions, first place in Turkey in football, Balkan championship and third place in the world in Badminton, continues to offer education for its current 730 students.