Sports Facilities

Sports play an important role in the education of our youth and in Turkey’s broader development. The sports facilities and gymnasiums built fulfill youth’s need to healthily participate in sporting activities.

The Aydın Doğan Foundation is aware of the importance of sports in raising healthy new generations, and provides financial support for the construction of sports facilities.

At Aydın Doğan Sports Facilities, young people enjoy the opportunity to exercise by playing volleyball, basketball, and badminton, and through wrestling, karate, judo, boxing, body building, handball, marksmanship, table tennis, chess, folk and general dance.


  • Gümüşhane Aydın Doğan Sports Facilities
  • Yaşar and İrfani Doğan Industrial Vocational High School the Aydın Doğan Foundation Sports Facilities
  • Erzincan Social Sciences High School the Aydın Doğan Foundation Hall