The Scholarship Programme

One of the aims of the Aydın Doğan Foundation is to award education scholarships to university students who are dedicated to the principles of Turkey' founding father Ataturk, and who feel connected to their nation, are strong in character, trustworthy, and who are successful, but in need of financial support.

The Foundation has launched a scholarship program to contribute to the education of students who have been successful since 2015-2016 academic year, but who are in financial need.

The Aydın Doğan Foundation’s Scholarship Application Criteria

  • Female students of Boğaziçi University School of Engineering who are ranked among the first 101-500 in the university admission exam and are in financial need,
  • Female students of İstanbul University Law School who placed among the first 1,000 in the university admission exam and are in financial need, and those who resided, throughout their secondary education, at the female student dormitories built within the scope of "Daddy, Send Me To School" movement, and passed on to the Ministry of National Education, succeeding in the university admission exam, earning the right to study for a bachelor’s degree at a state university and are in financial need will be given scholarships.

Scholarship Applications will be made through the scholarship coordinators/committees of the relevant universities for the School of Engineering and Law School and through school administrations for students who resided at Daddy, Send Me to School dormitories.

Applications outside these criteria will not be taken into consideration. Applications will be evaluated by the Aydın Doğan Foundation Scholarship Committee and those candidates considered suitable will be called for interviews.

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As part of Aydın Doğan Foundation’s efforts in educating girls in order to reinforce women’s place in the society within the realm of the universal gender equality principle, the foundation provides scholarship for the students, and organizes a Mentoring Program as well, so they can improve themselves both in professional and personal level. The objective of the Mentoring Program is to help these scholarship recipients become cultured, open minded, successful adults who are able to stand on their own feet in the future. The program, where management level individuals at Doğan Group take part on a voluntary basis primarily provides Mentor and Mentee training. Both Mentors and Mentees are criticized after the training sessions and an introduction meeting is held. The scope and rules of the Mentoring Program is explained during the training sessions and the introduction meeting. Mentor and Mentee pairing is planned for one year in the program. The program is then evaluated at the end of this time frame.

Fifty one students have taken part in the Aydın Doğan Mentoring program in the two years since it was kicked off in 2016. A part of the data obtained during the year end Mentoring Program evaluation is provided in the table below.


A “Young Leaders Summer Camp” is also held in order to provide support for these scholarship recipient female college students in their preparation for a professional life as well as to contribute to their growth as strong leaders of tomorrow. Young students start their day with yoga during the six days they spend at the camp and get a chance to take part in various activities of arts and sports. There are also several workshops held during the camp, namely, “Leadership”, where students discover their strong and weak areas and talk about methods of dealing with problems, “Project Development”, a workshop for discussing social gender equality issues are laid on the table, and “Personal Development”, another workshop prepared by taking areas of need for these young students into consideration.