Dorm Life Program

The girls' dormitories built within the scope of the

With the Dorm Life Program, the objective is to create a model that will enable girls to use their time in the dorms as efficiently as possible.

The starting point of this model is "ensure the participation of girls in the society as productive individuals", which is one of the main objectives of the "Daddy Send Me to School" movement conducted by the Aydın Doğan Foundation.

The model, which aims to increase and diversify the life-related knowledge of girls, to contribute to their dreams about the future, and to improve their quality of life, has the objective of reaching these goals by ensuring that the students use the time spent at the dorms in an effective manner.

Principles for Implementing the Dorm Life Program

  • Establishing a participatory and collaborative model, and implementing a model whereby the student is at the center, covering all stakeholders,
  • Ensuring the approval and cooperation of the Ministry of National Education at each stage,
  • Cooperation with other non-governmental organizations, and deploying other NGO programs about the issues of need/effectiveness following the "Dorm Life Program" needs analysis,
  • Measurement and evaluation at all stages of the process, and demonstrating the results and the benefit obtained under the light of this data.