Theatre: Genco Erkal


The 2009 Aydın Doğan Award was given for the field of Theatre, where Genco Erkal was deemed worthy of the award for his works and efforts towards enhancing the theatrical arts.

The selection committee for 2009’s Aydın Doğan Award included Doğan Hızlan, Orhan Alkaya, Lemi Bilgin, Prof. Dr. Cevat Çapan, Prof. Dr. Dikmen Gürün, Gencay Gürün, Prof. Dr. Özdemir Nutku, Turgut Özakman, Seçkin Selvi, Prof. Dr. Sevda Şener and Prof. Dr. Ayşegül Yüksel.

Genco Erkal
The artist was born on March 28, 1938, and after graduating from Robert College, he studied Psychology at İstanbul University and started working as an actor and director in various private theatre companies around Turkey in 1959. In 1969, he established Friend’s Theatre, of which he remains the art director. He directed plays by foreign writers such as Gorki, Brecht, Sartre, Peter Weiss, Steinbeck, Havel and Tankred Dorst, along with plays by Turkish writers such as Aziz Nesin, Haldun Taner, Nazım Hikmet, Can Yücel, Refik Erduran, Vasıf Öngören, Orhan Asena and Behiç Ak. He has adapted novels, stories and poems for theater and translated numerous plays.