Photograph: Ozan Sağdıç


The ceremony of the Aydın Doğan Award was held at 19:30, on Thursday, April 17, 2014, at the Hilton Hotel Pavilion and Ball Room. The award, organized by the Aydın Doğan Foundation for the past 18 years, aims to reward the most prestigious, well-known people at the peak of their professions, who have contributed to their country, to the world and to humanity, and who have dedicated themselves to creativity in various fields such as culture and the arts, literature and science each year.

The foundation decided that this year’s Aydın Doğan Award should be granted in the “Photography” section. The Aydın Doğan Foundation has been organizing the award ceremony in the name of its founder since 1996.

The selection committee of this year’s Aydın Doğan Award in Photography included Doğan Hızlan (Chair), Ersin Alok, Ozan Bilgiseren, Güler Ertan, Kamil Fırat, Ara Güler, Sabit Kalfagil, Sebati Karakurt, İzzet Keribar and Engin Özendes. The committee met on Thursday, March 13, 2014 and selected Ozan Sağdıç for the Aydın Doğan Award in Photography for his continued presence in the field since the 1950’s, his “consistence of language” in documenting daily life, and his contribution to the visual memory of Turkey during the Republic years.

The Selection Committee also decided to reward the Department of Photography of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University with a service award for its contribution to the field of photography.

Ozan Sağdıç’s Biography
Sağdıç was born in Pelitköy, Burhaniye on the last day of 1934. He spent his childhood and adolescence in Edremit. He attended middle school in Izmir and continued his education at a boarding high school in İstanbul. He obtained his first camera in his senior year, in 1953. He became the secretary of the “İstanbul Public Photographers Association” in 1955, which afforded him the opportunity to meet the studio photographers of the era in İstanbul. He also took interest in caricature during those years. In 1956, he issued the weekly Hayat magazine and joined “Babıali” as a photo-journalist. He was appointed to the Ankara office of the magazine opened in 1960 at his own request. Thereafter, he continued his life in journalism in the capital. He created the first local photo novels of Turkey and blazed a trail in this field. Starting from 1963, he started shooting the stage photographs of Turkish State Theatres, along with his main position. He also attended the preparatory work for the magazine of this institution and created its first posters. In addition to this, he provided examples of the modern graphics concept on book and magazine covers. He made considerable contributions to the promotional releases of the Ministry of Tourism, and also conducted interviews with the foreign press. In 1964, he briefly became a member of ASMP (American Society of Magazine Photographers). He has staged almost 50 personal exhibitions to date, having received awards and acted as a member of numerous selection committees. He has also staged diaporama shows synchronized with music. He has prepared guides for cities or regions such as Cappadocia, Aydın, Kuşadası, Hacıbektaş, Diyarbakır and Bayburt, along with “All Flowers Of the World” for the April 23 World Children’s Day for state broadcaster TRT and “Once Upon A Time, Ankara” for the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. He collected his poetry in a book called “The Age of Green Almonds”. He translated 700 rubaiyat (verses) from Ömer Hayyam and 2,200 rubaiyat (verses) from Mevlana into Turkish. He versified Sadi’s “Bostan” in Turkish and put the fables and humor of Nasrettin Hoca and Bektashi into poetry. He has given lectures on the art of photography at the Faculty of Political Sciences of Ankara University and the Faculty of Fine Arts of Hacettepe University. He was accepted as an honorary member of AFSAD (Ankara Association of Photography Artists) for his contributions to Turkish Photography, and acted as a founding member of the Photography Art Foundation. He is still an honorary member of photography foundations such as ASFAD, FSK and BUFSAD. Last, but not least, he was honored by the Turkish Photo Journalists Association. He became the first photographic artist to be rewarded with the jury’s special award in 1985, by the Arts Institution, and was the first name to come into mind when expanding the title of “State Artist” into the field of photography. He has acted as an arts consultant for TSE, TKV and certain private institutions, and was selected as a member of the Unesco National Committee for Culture, and Ministry of Culture’s Art Consultancy Committee.