Vuslat DOĞAN SABANCI - Deputy Chairwoman of the Foundation

Vuslat Doğan SabancıVuslat Sabancı has been the Chairwoman of Hürriyet since May 26, 2010. She graduated from Bilkent University, Department of Economics and received her Master’s degree from Columbia University in New York, in the field of International Media and Communications.

She was the Chairwoman of the Executive Board between 2004 and 2010. Acquiring Trader Media East (TME) in 2007, Vuslat Sabancı transformed Hürriyet from a leading newspaper in Turkey into an international company. This acquisition was the largest foreign acquisition executed by a Turkish company till that day. TME is an online and printed media advertising company operating in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia. İz Ruki v Ruki is one of the most recognized media brands in Russia. is the leading online classified ads company in Russia.

Vuslat Sabancı ensured Hürriyet’s position as a major player within the emerging media in Turkey through investing in digital publishing and services. became the most visited media website in Europe. Hürriyet online carries out its activities in the field of classified ads with, and, in the field of opportunity websites with, in the field of e-commerce with

Investing in human rights and particularly in gender equality matters in Hürriyet, Vuslat Sabancı became the strong voice in this field in Turkey. As a result of “No! to Domestic Violence” campaign initiated by her, a law was enacted in this field after eight years. With “The Rightful Women Platform” that she established before 2011 General Elections, assembling all non-governmental organizations - carrying out activities concerning women matters in Turkeyunder the same roof, she created a pressure platform to ensure that more women could be elected for the parliament. After 2011 elections, the number of female deputies increased from 48 to 78. Apart from these, Vuslat Sabancı carries out several activities in the name of giving women their rightful place in both social life and economy. The microloan project for women, along with similar efforts, constitute examples of such projects.

Vuslat Sabancı joined Hürriyet in 1996 as a Vice President in charge of advertisements and promoted to the position of Vice President of Marketing Operations Group. Her responsibilities in Hürriyet included marketing, sales, human resources and information technologies (IT). Before joining Hürriyet, Sabancı worked at the Editorial Department of The New York Times and later at The Wall Street Journal, where she was instrumental in the formation of the Asian Business World News Channel and the paper’s Latin America edition.

Born in 1971, Vuslat Sabancı is married with two children. She is fluent in English.

Vuslat Sabancı is a lifetime honorary member of the International Press Institute (IPI), where she served as a Board Member for eight years. Vuslat Sabancı actively assumes duties at Endeavor Turkey - an international non-governmental organization (NGO) established with the purpose of determining and supporting entrepreneurs - and serves as a Board Member since its establishment in 2006. Moreover, Vuslat Sabancı has been a member of TÜSİAD (Turkish Industry and Business Association) since 2003.