The Young Communicators Competition

The Aydın Doğan Foundation has always been recognized for the importance it places in education, and organizes an annual Young Communicators Competition in order to contribute in raising qualified media employees. The Foundation aims to motivate constant development, and to contribute in the raising of students of the faculty of communication, who through this competition will go on to be the media leaders of the future.

The competition has been a step towards ensuring that the communicators of the future can compete with their peers in the developed countries of the world, and several previous participants in the competition today hold important positions in the media. The competition consists of various categories such as Written, Visual, Audio, Advertisement, Public Relations and Online Publishing, and thousands of students from communication faculties apply to compete every year.

The 28th Young Communicators Competition Awards
The 27th Young Communicators Competition Results
The 26th Young Communicators Competition Results
The 25th Young Communicators Competition Results