Aydın Doğan Centre of Science and Arts Afyon

Aydın Doğan Centre of Science and Arts is an independent private educational institution established to ensure that high-achieving, gifted students at the age of primary and secondary school education become aware of their skills and that they improve and use their capacity to the fullest.

The institution provides education for children who cannot benefit, or can partly benefit from a regular education through expert educators, special equipment and programs.

The Centre’s function is to develop projects to fulfill every production, construction, technology, science, arts and service-related need within its close vicinity.

The project phases consist of identifying life problems with the help of experts, producing solutions, applying these solutions and generating evaluation reports, thus giving the students the opportunity to “learn by living and doing,” while also allowing the industry to benefit from young talents.

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TEGV Sema and Aydın Doğan Education Park, Fındıkzade-İstanbul

The TEGV Sema and Aydın Doğan Education Park was opened for service in İstanbul, Fındıkzade in 1996 and provided educational support for tens of thousands of children thus far. The Turkish Educational Volunteers Foundation owned park consists of 27,000 m² of open space and five buildings including the management building, the classroom building, the guesthouse, the volunteer Academy and as well as a gymnasium building. Children receive education in the arts and sports in the Park, along with many activities/classes such as computer literacy, a drama workshop, basketball, sports with games, computer sciences, the English language, mathematics and science.

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TSYD Aydın Doğan Centre of Education

The TSYD Aydın Doğan Centre of Education is a centre spanning a 139.5 m2 space designed for 50 students. All press conferences for the sports clubs and those working in the sports community are held here, as well as educational seminars and board meetings.

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Aydın Doğan Auditorium of Galatasaray University

The Aydın Doğan Auditorium in Galatasaray University consists of a conference hall and foyer with a capacity for 250 persons, on a 400 m2 area. The hall has acoustic ceilings and walls, as well as the necessary equipment for simultaneous interpreting and audio recording, and hosts international conferences, conventions, seminars and film screenings.

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London School of Economics - “The Chair in Contemporary Turkish Studies”

Aydın Doğan has provided educational support to the London School of Economics in cooperation with the Central Bank of Turkey, the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and TAV to establish “The Chair in Contemporary Turkish Studies”. The chair is the first established beyond Turkey. LSE is renowned throughout Europe as the leading university in the field of economics, and as one that and raises future leaders. Director, Sir Howard Davies, at the ceremony held in Turkey described this chair as an extremely positive development regarding the relationship between Turkey and the EU.

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