It is mostly girls in secondary school who are accommodated in the female student dormitories brought into service within the scope of “Daddy, Send Me to School”. The conditions are usually similar for female students between the ages of 14 and 18. Although there are some apparent regional differences, the students lead a life that is lived solely at school and at the dormitories. There is rarely space in the dormitories where students can develop their hobbies or socialize with each other.

With the Dormitory Living Model, the aim is to create a model where girls can use the time they spend in the dormitories in the most beneficial way possible.

“Ensuring that girls join society as productive individuals,” which is one of the main goals of the “Daddy, Send Me to School” campaign carried out by the Aydın Doğan Foundation is the starting point of this model.

The model, which has such objectives as increasing and diversifying girls’ life knowledge, contributing to their dreams for the future, and enhancing their quality of life aims to achieve these goals by ensuring that students utilize their time in the dormitories effectively.

Application Principles of the Dormitory Living Model

  • Creating a participatory and collaborative model and actualizing a model that includes all shareholders, and where the student is at the centre,
  • Securing the approval and collaboration of the Ministry of National Education at every stage,
  • Collaborating with other non-governmental organizations and taking advantage of other NGO programmes with regards to the need/activity issues resulting from the “Dormitory Living Model” needs analysis
  • Conducting surveys and evaluations at every stage of the process and presenting the resulting efficacy in the light of this data.


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